For the Photoshop project I wanted to have a little fun. First i looked up a picture of grand rapids and saw a really cool picture of the skyline, and then found a classic depiction of the bat signal. I used three different layers for this project. First the layer of the grand rapids skyline […]

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I chose to use a info-graphic from Pictochart. The skeletal frame I chose the “little Things About Me” because it seemed the closest info-graphic to branding myself. I am on the verge of entering the professional world, so I am branding myself as a advertising professional. My goal for this info-graphic was to showcase my […]

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Pr and ROI

Return on investment=(gain on investment-cost of investment)/ cost of investment. This is the basic formula for determining what return on investment is, if you go by this then you are going to find any Public Relation campaign lacking. The reason for this is that PR is not just about selling more product in a smaller […]

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Social Media in Public Relations

Social media has been used for connecting people together. Its no surprise that a tool with this power naturally coincides with the practice of public relations. Though it is clear that the internet is a new medium for public relations many feel that it is still not as effective outlet for the practice. Putting the Public […]

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Why research at all

Research is very important in the field of public relations. If anyone tried to run a campaign for their company just based off of their own ideas then most likely they would produce a failed project. A similar comparison would be someone trying to hit a bulls-eye while blind folded. Based off of your own […]

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