Google Certifications In The Workplace



Google Partners (April 14 2017)

I started my blog on my own personal experiences in the advertising field. The main objective of the blog was to use it as one of the ways to expand my personnel brand. I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in Advertising and Public Relations at Grand Valley State University. With my graduation coming soon, I needed to create a voice and platforms to share my ideas, thoughts and insights to the advertising and public relations community. I am taking a multi dimensional approach to exposing the industry to my personal brand.


I began this process by asking myself who am I and what is my personnel brand? This turned out to be more difficult than I imagined. First I asked myself “I am twenty three years old and what do I know that is so insightful and interesting”. Then I had to ask myself really what makes my experiences interesting enough for people to want to listen to my blogs. After much introspection I feel that I came up with what I have to offer the industry that will set me apart from others. Growing up I had many issues that were not apparent to the casual observer. I had ADHD and a learning disability.  I have learned that life is not always easy and you don’t always win no matter how hard you try but there are solutions and hope. The hope I found is through humor, friends, the love from my family, exercise, healthy eating and following the principles of Buddhism. That is what my personal brand is going to represent and reflect. It is my plan to address topics that are more complicated and darker than what others touch on.  My brand will show the authentic me and translate that into the current topics in the Ad/PR industry.  I will show and discuss strategies that may make things work in spite of the odds. I will speak to my audiences with realism and experiences that only someone who has lived them can. I will blog everyday on subjects that are relevant to our industry, but do it with my own unique spin on the topic.


The other ways I plan to build brand is by speaking on the current and future of the industry at GVSU classes and clubs. It is also my plan to continue attending industry networking events so that I can learn from others and make face to face connections. I will regularly post interesting articles on my Facebook page, Tweet at least three times a week and to respond to industry blogs  or re-tweet on regular basis. .


In Advertising, Public Relations and in your personal brand you must to know your target audience. The image that you or your company portrays can make all the difference on whether your campaign is successful or not. Wanting to build and market an image or brand is one thing. Actually knowing if what you’re presenting to your audience is being accepted as genuine is something else.  The content that is being presented must resonate with the target audience. How often people are viewing your page, how long is the average viewer staying, at what time of the day is your greatest hits are all questions and metrics that must be considered in determining the success of any campaign. It is also the information that is needed to make adjustments and learn how your campaign is going in the real time. But how do I figure this out?


As with many other questions you can get the answer from Google. Google Partners provides the tools to monitor your web sights though Google Analytics and Google Ad-words. I decided to receive an accreditation in Google Analytics. Just about any type of information that I need to know on how my digital campaign is going can be found using the tools provided as part of Google Analytics. I will start the process by using the default dashboard and the top six widgets to help collect the information I need to help me determine how well my campaign is going. I will setup my dashboard so I can easily view the key areas of my campaign. The information it provides me with will let me know how any blog or post is being received by my audience. I first plan on mastering the standard dashboard and widgets that comes with Google Analytics. Once I have done that I will use the Google Solutions Gallery to find additional widgets and tools that can allow me to tailor my dashboard to gather the information I need to analyze the effectiveness of my campaigns and posts.


More than ever our personal and business lives are going digital. Those who can understand its power and utilize it effectively can really make a difference and get ahead of the competition. Getting my certification in Google Analytics will provide my future employers with the proof that I have a background that is needed to help their company. Showing them how I have been applying its tools to growing my personal brand will strengthen my credibility so I can better market myself to the advertising and Public Relations industry.



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