My Second Networking Event

After my first networking event I became a fan of the relaxed environment that a brewery gave to a professional setting, consequently my second jump into a networking situation was also at a brewery. Blender is a event that was started by Grand Valley graduates. Originally started to benefit the professional careers of African American graduates it has transformed into something more.

While at the event that was held at Creston Brewery and introduced me to three different people in the Grand Rapids advertising community. I met Cornell who is a media specialist for spectrum health. Talking to him I learned the importance that social media is important no matter what type of public relations you are representing. After him I had the pleasure of meeting Natasha Alverez. She works with Seyferthpr, even though we did not get to talk professionally we connected over our world travels, and I will connect with her later to learn more about her role with the company. The last connection I made was Mercedes Barragan pictured below. Mercedes works with Steelcase and is setting up an interview with me for the current future

20170420_195639 (1)

Ryne M. (April, 19, 20170) Blend event Creston Brewery


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