My First Networking Event

GRBC web 002.jpg

My first networking opportunity was hosted by the GVSU Advertising Club  at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company. It was well attended by many local companies looking to hire advertising and public relations staff. I was a bit surprised at the process that was used to network and meet potential employers.  Instead of a conventional formal  interview process,  the room was set up for candidates to go on  multiple interviews within a short amount of time.  The event was called speed interviews a spin off of speed dating. I really liked this format.

In the two hours I was there I interviewed with thirteen companies.  I am glad I am not superstitious! I found all the companies  interesting and worth talking with. I feel I gained knowledge from every interview.  However, two stood out from the crowd and really seemed like a good fit for me. The first one was Experience GR. What really distinguished  Experience GR was their reach and variety.  All of the other companies seemed to be stuck to their own little niche and had limited focus and breadth of expertise. Experience GR was different. They have their influence in multiple different companies and presented themselves a jack of all trades and master of them at the same time.

The second company that caught my eye was Founders Brewery. I really enjoyed talking to their representative Rick. He told me that they had a very friendly work environment and grew themselves through Gorilla marketing. The fact that I was a avid home brewer caught his attention.

As of now I have yet to hear from Experience GR but I have a interview with Founders on April 27th. Stay tuned to see how my interview ends up!


Grand Rapids Brewing Company (April, 19,2017)  Grand Rapids Brewing Company homepage


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