When I was trying to choose my keywords I was really hard pressed to think of what to choose. In the end I chose to make my original 5 Key words Advertising, Writing, Professional, Public Relations, and Ryne Mitra. I was unsure if I should put my own name in the keywords but in the end i felt that a blog that will be about my own passage into the advertising world. When I ended up completing my search i found that all of my keywords were at a low end of the spectrum. Each keyword i searched was within 1k-1m searches with my name being in the 1k-100k range. The highest terms google showed were very low will all terms being within the 1-100 search range. The top recommended words are online advertising ,cheap advertising, banner ads, ad and internet advertising all reaching 1-10M hits.

The following were the recommendations from google.

creative writing 
pr agency 
online advertising 
pr company 
advertising agencies 
creative writing ideas 
pr firm 
writing websites 
writing prompts 
advertising websites 
pr agencies 
advertising campaign 
writing contests 
banner ads 
story writing 
paragraph writing 
write online 
radio advertising 
advertising sites 
internet advertising 
ryne sandberg 
ad network 
advertisement company 
paid advertising 
advertising companies 
cheap advertising 
pr marketing 
pr management 
While I read these I thought of what I have done with Online Advertising. My biggest claim i could make was when i was given a Cheap Advertising budget for a Facebook ad campaign. The main goal was to create Banner Ads promoting a new restaurant. This was my first time holding an Internet advertising campaign. Even though i am a fan of traditional ad’s i have to admit that creating a social media campaign was fun.

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