Social Media in Public Relations

Social media has been used for connecting people together. Its no surprise that a tool with this power naturally coincides with the practice of public relations. Though it is clear that the internet is a new medium for public relations many feel that it is still not as effective outlet for the practice. Putting the Public back in Public relations According to marketing to menials this might not be specifically in the hands of the company. “Menials might need to be nudged to write reviews. According to statistical analysis 51% of menials will use an online source such as a review sight to influence their decision but only 13 percent patrons write reviews of where they have been.”  Marketing to Menials. This offers a new avenue and challenge for the men and women working in the field of public relations. With 51% of the menial population looking to costumer reviews being able to monitor those reviews and fix possible problems that people post will be a monumental focus of public relations in the future. “Figure out who your costumers are and where they go for their information.  This forces PR to mirror sales strategies to reach the people who could benefit from your product of service. Different people go to different places, figure out where you want to be and work backward form there” Putting the Public Back in Public relations. In 2013 one in every 4 people actively used social media. With such a large portion of the world populace using social media it gets rid of the problem where your public’s are going to be, most likely online. It is obvious that now Public Relations is branching itself into the veins of social media and within the next decade the two will just become even more closely knit together.


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