Why research at all

Research is very important in the field of public relations. If anyone tried to run a campaign for their company just based off of their own ideas then most likely they would produce a failed project. A similar comparison would be someone trying to hit a bulls-eye while blind folded. Based off of your own thoughts and feelings you could not grasp the total consensus of the general populace. This is why research is so important to public relations, it’s not a one man or even a ten man job it’s a job. Public relations is dependent on the views of the public and good research either primary of secondary is a pivotal tool for this practice. (Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations and Marketing communications)

Be Informed

Research really does one main goal, that’s getting you the facts. This can cover a long list of possibilities from finding out who will be listening in on an event to how much you might need in your budget to launch a campaign. Questions like these can all be answered with research. Without it you will be hard pressed to be able to make an informed decision on what your next step should be.  This is the first step into making a plan about your next campaign.

Be Strategic

In public relations strategy is a key component to get the biggest bang for your buck.  When proper research is conducted putting together a list of tasks that need to be accomplished is feasible. This allows you to save time and money then you start your campaign. Research gives you an advantage with what you can do. Instead of going into a job for a client using a random assortment of methods from your repertoire you can focus in on what really needs to exploited and shown to the public. Crystal S. 2013

Be On The Edge

A lot of what research in public relations is needed is to find out how to stand out. If a tissue company sets out an ad that looks the same as everyone else then your company will not be recognized. This is how Old Spice’s view on marketing has been ever since they started using the Old Spice man Mustafa.  In February of 2010 they used this man to create a super bowl commercial that was different form any other commercial a deodorant/ body wash company ever created. Researching how other companies conduct their studies the you can figure out how to stand out from the competition and really make an impression on your audience. (Dave Smith 2011)


The way that you become a successful in the world of Public relations is with good research at your disposal. With proper research you can figures out where you or your client stand and overcome any task brought before you with diligence and timeliness .

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Funny. Memorable. Manly. The minds behind the Old Spice Guy campaign reveal their keys for marketing success. Received January 1st


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