Public Relations, An Inexperienced Perspective

The very first thought i had when coming into the world of public relations was of the political field. I pictured a man or woman standing out behind a pedistol, with a bunch of cameras watching their every move and a sea of microphones to hear every word.  In my mind being a politician you have to be able to sway public opinion. Being a lawyer and strong leader is fine and all but how would people know that if you weren’t able to get your message out there. In my opinion this is the purest form of what public relations is, almost word for word you are building your relationship with the public.

In this class in particular I’m not so sure what I am expecting to learn. On first coming to this class I thought it almost to be a class where we would learn about how to address the public in a tried and true manor. I was heading into this class thinking that we would learn about how to best handle fiasco’s for a client. In my mind we would be learning how companies like BP handle themselves after a huge crisis like they had to after their oil spill in April of 2010. I was surprised when we started to learn about how to effectively use social media, not because the idea of using social media as a means to get your message out to the public but because having a class where you going on social media is not only accepted but a requirement is completely foreign to me.

One way that I expect to use what I learn in this class it to gain the ability to self promote. Even though im in advertising my passion has always been in creative writing. The problem is getting connections and getting people to know about your book. I’m hoping that in my future I will be able to employ the networking skills I have learned here in my future career as a writer.

Feeling that my own definition of what pr is and how it functions was lacking I asked a friend,who has spent time in the field what his opinions on the matter were. The following is taken from his words. The main skill you need to develop with public relations is the ability to to communicate well with others. Not only that but being an advertising emphasis i like the tool for communicating through social media and have found it to be an invaluable skill. This talk helped me form a firmer grasp on what exactly public relations is.

Now my new idea of public relations is that its part of a symbiotic dance between itself and advertising. Advertising is the first tool you use to get into the public. Advertising is supposed to be flashy and cool. Ads are supposed to grasp your attention they are the initial pull that gets you to try a product. But public relations is what keeps the client loyal. Everything from showcasing how the company is improving to fixing a situation so that costumers don’t end up leaving for another product all falls under public relations.


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