My Second Networking Event

After my first networking event I became a fan of the relaxed environment that a brewery gave to a professional setting, consequently my second jump into a networking situation was also at a brewery. Blender is a event that was started by Grand Valley graduates. Originally started to benefit the professional careers of African American […]

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My First Networking Event

My first networking opportunity was hosted by the GVSU Advertising Club  at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company. It was well attended by many local companies looking to hire advertising and public relations staff. I was a bit surprised at the process that was used to network and meet potential employers.  Instead of a conventional formal  interview process,  the room […]

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Exploring With Tweet Deck

  This was my first time using any time I have ever used a media management tool. Before in my professional career I have made twitter campaigns. In the future using tools such as tweet deck will help me create these campaigns with greater ease. My favorite part of using tweet deck is the ability […]

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Business Card Post

This was a fun first attempt of creating my own Business card. As I transition from college to the work force I wanted to create something that went with my personal image. I decided to use a target with an arrow in the bulls eye as a form of branding through imagery. The hope is […]

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When I was trying to choose my keywords I was really hard pressed to think of what to choose. In the end I chose to make my original 5 Key words Advertising, Writing, Professional, Public Relations, and Ryne Mitra. I was unsure if I should put my own name in the keywords but in the […]

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